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About Molecule Logistics

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Molecule Logistics started trading in February 2015 and has since grown into a reputable transporter in the South African market. With a steadily growing fleet, the company is reaching new heights every month. We believe in healthy long term relationships with our customers by increasing service levels and safety standards.


We work around our client’s need to tailor a specific solution. Our team is available in every critical phase of a solution ensuring seamless integration towards the final result in service delivery. Our focus is to provide a professional transport service of products to our customers with safety being our highest priority. We dedicate ourselves to efficient, timeous, professional and clean deliveries, every time.


We have the personnel and assets that can provide every customer with optimal solutions and reliable service. The direct involvement of owners and management in everyday operations and client service on all levels is what creates lasting relationships with our customers. Applying experience and expertise to operational requirements provides for an optimized solution, flexible and reliable transportation service.




We provide reliable, efficient and professional transport of petroleum products while constantly increasing our service levels and safety standards.

We currently supply fuel to the following sectors:
Fuel, Agricultural, Automotive, Mining, Construction and more.




Molecule Logistics has been audited according to the South African Safety Quality Assessment System (SQAS) and has obtained a status of “Approved”.

We are accredited to uplift products from all the major depots and refineries in South Africa. By maintaining the highest standards on our fleet, we ensure that accreditation is a simple process to follow when the occasion demands it. Currently we can load from the following Oil Majors: Shell, BP, Total, Engen, Sasol, PetroSA.




Our portfolio provides for Goods in transit, Product liability, Public liability and Environmental insurance. All vehicles are insured on replacement values against various damages.




Our Philosophy

Our goal is to bring value to our customer’s business and promote environmental sustainability in our business. We care for our planet and therefore we strive to reduce the impact that we have on the environment.

Our Internal Initiatives

As our vehicles are our biggest contributor towards carbon emissions, we strive to reduce our fuel consumption and it will always be the main focus of our company.

By using technology fitted into all our vehicles we monitor fuel consumption and driver behavior and promote and encourage all our vehicles to stay in the green zone.

Our Solutions

By keeping the customers requirements in mind, we provide the following solutions to all our customers.
• Minimized delays in our operation by providing effective and streamlined procedures and systems.
• Timeous and safe delivery of our customer consignment by focusing and adhering to very strict AARTO operating standards.
• Keeping all vehicles in exceptional condition and roadworthy at all times.
• Excellent communication systems with employees and clients ensure the integrity of our company to provide competitive and effective service.

All vehicles are fitted with state of the art tracking devices which is managed on site and on mobile platforms. Tracking is available on request from the customer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All vehicles comply with – and even surpass – legislated safety standards. Fleets are continuously monitored via satellite for security and route-planning purposes



Molecule Logistics’ drivers are all highly trained specialists in their fields. Over and above their job skills, our staff is also friendly and approachable, trained to focus on safety, health, environment, risk and quality, helping us to deliver our promise of service excellence. Investing in people, managing risk.

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