NOMCEBO Ngubane (28) and her partner Aubrey Ndlovu (35) told Daily Sun they were woken by a knock on the door at their flat in the Joburg CBD and a voice telling them to leave yesterday.

They said when they refused, a petrol bomb was thrown into the flat.

Aubrey said: “Luckily we had a fire extinguisher and put out the fire.”

Nomcebo said unknown men told her to get out but she said they were going nowhere. “The men then kicked at the door, shouting at us to open it.

“Next, a bottle came in through the window. It was a petrol bomb.”

Aubrey said he ran to get the extinguisher, which saved their lives.

They said ever since they moved into the flat, they’ve had no peace.

Nomcebo said: “We used to live in a hijacked building. After we reported it, the building was demolished by the municipality. We didn’t know this flat was owned by the same people.”

She said the owners started making their lives a living hell. “Sometimes, we even find kak outside our door.”

Building manager Goodman Baloyi chased the SunTeam from the flat.

Captain Xoli Mbele advised the couple to lay a complaint at the Joburg Central Police Station.