• The price of petrol – for 95-octane in Gauteng – has decreased by 68c per litre to R19.61 for January.
  • 32% of that goes to various taxes, mostly the general fuel levy and funding for the Road Accident Fund.
  • The actual basic fuel price, without those taxes, the cost of distribution, and margins for retailers and wholesalers, is R9.04.
  • Here is what goes into the fuel price for January 2022.
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* This article has been updated.

The price of petrol is down by 68c a litre to R19.61, effective from 5 January.

That is what you will pay for 95-octane petrol in Gauteng. Unleaded 93 is 25c cheaper inland.

The various taxes bundled into the petrol price comes to R6.25 per litre. For January, that represents 32% of the pump price for inland 95.

The price of the petrol itself, known as the basic fuel price or BFP, is at R9.03, or 46% of the total price at the pump.

The remainder is made up of a dealer margin, now at 11.67% of the total, a further wholesale margin of 2.78%, and charges related to handling and storage.

The taxes are made up of:

  • The general fuel levy, now at 20% of the total price
  • The Road Accident Fund levy, now at 11% of the total price
  • The Demand Side levy to discourage 95-octane use inland, at 0.5%
  • And customs and excise taxes of 0.2%

Here is what makes up the petrol price for January.

January petrol price breakdown

* This article was first published in October 2021, and updated monthly since with new price information.

(Compiled by Phillip de Wet)


Petrol is now R19.61 per litre in Gauteng – and 32% of that goes to taxes (businessinsider.co.za)