The price of fuel fluctuated in South Africa throughout 2020.

• Fuel prices were at their lowest in May 2020.

• The average price of 95 Unleaded on the coast was R14.06 last year.

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One of the biggest highlights motorists ‘enjoyed’ in 2020, was the significant drop in fuel prices. When the government imposed hard lockdown (level 5) in late-March 2020, fuel prices saw an almost immediate drop across all grades of fuel.

According to the Automobile Association, the price of 95 Unleaded went from R15.20 per litre (March 2020) to R13.26/litre (April 2020), dropping to R11.52/litre in May. The price of 95 Unleaded per litre on the coast saw gradual increases as the year drew on after May, with it ending the year on R13.76/litre in December 2020.

Inland, both 93 Unleaded and 95 Unleaded’s price dropped to R12.02/litre and R12.22/litre, respectively, in May. The price of 50ppm diesel dropped to R10.59/litre in May 2020 on the coast, while 50ppm diesel cost R11.19/litre inland. For January 2021, all grades of fuel saw an increase over December 2020.

Throughout 2020, the average price of fuel, across all grades, was:

– 95 Unleaded (coast): R14.06

– 93 Unleaded (inland): R14.50

– 95 Unleaded (inland): R14.75

– Diesel 50ppm (coast): R12.40

– Diesel 50ppm (inland): R12.99

See the price of fuel throughout 2020 in the graphic below:

Compiled by: Charlen Raymond


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