Running out of petrol is probably the worst thing that can happen to you as a motorist, but the guys from Master Milo worked around that.

So, instead of doing something normal like phoning a friend to help you out, they ‘tested’ several liquids as ‘petrol’ to see if it would actually work.

Poor car

Spare a thought for the car, a 1.2-litre Opel Corsa five door, that had its fuel tank completely removed and filled with things like Vodka, nailpolish remover and cleaning spirits. Yes you read right..

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As each fluid gets poured into the bereft tank, the engine showcases various stages of malfunction and strange smells but in the end, surprisingly, it continues to operate – although not as efficiently anymore.

You must really hate your car or be bored out of your mind to fill it with something other than petrol. Throwing diesel into petrol-powered cars and vice versa aren’t strange happenings but this definitely takes the cake.